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For Insect Farming to Work, Scientists Need to Build a Better Bug

24 May 2022

Christine Picard’s search for a better bug to feed the world starts with dead bodies. Well, not the corpses themselves, but the blow flies, flesh flies, and other squirmy, wriggly things that wing their way to corpses in the minutes and hours after death. Picard, a forensic entomologist at Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis, studies why some insect species grow much more quickly than others.

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This Startup Is Trying to Make Juicy Steaks Out of Thin Air

19 May 2022

Lisa Dyson and John Reed, the former a physicist and the latter a materials scientist, were working together at the Department of Energy’s Berkeley Lab and had a common goal: They wanted to help curb climate change, and they knew one way to do that was to look at the food on our plates, such as steaks.

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