My first month at… Eurofins Food, Feed & Water Testing

03 May 2019

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The “my first month…” column will elaborate on the experiences of professionals who recently started their new job in the food (sciences) industry.

The following article is about Jef Nikkelen (40, Bachelor in Science) who recently started as a Quality Consultant at Eurofins Food, Feed & Water Testing Netherlands. We asked him a few questions about his first month at Eurofins. If you want to know more about the company, Jef and his experience working at Eurofins. Then keep on reading. 

  • What kind of work do you do at Eurofins?

I help companies to keep, or in some situations, gain control of their quality management system and assist them in preventing food safety issues.

  • Why is this job the perfect fit for you?

Because it continuously challenges me to improve. Thanks to my clients. They have extensive company portfolios and processes. I provide them with the right solutions. This forces me to stay up to date on recent developments and trends. Since I am curious by nature, this really suits my wishes and life goals.

  • What is your first impression of the company?

Eurofins provides its employees with responsibilities and room for one’s own interpretations and ideas. In return, they also expect you to consult colleagues, if you, for instance, come across an issue you do not know the answer to. I personally find this a nice way to work, because it gives me the confidence that I can offer my clients a solution to virtually all issues regarding food safety as well as a whole number of other subjects in food production.

  • What are your professional ambitions?

I am very happy with where I am at. I hope to be able to work like this for a long time!

Thank you Jef for sharing your experience during your first month at Eurofins. We wish you good luck and can not wait to see what successes lie ahead of you. 

Want to get in contact with Jef? You can reach him via his LinkedIn.


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