Company on the Spot: CleanLight

07 August 2019


Company on the spot written by David Symanzig – International Account Manager North America & LATAM at CleanLight.

Currently, fruit and vegetable companies in Latin America are booming. Plantations are becoming larger and companies are more modern and trying to optimise their processes and prevent product failures. This booming market is very interesting for an innovative company such as CleanLight. We asked David Symanzig, International Account Manager North America & LATAM about the effect of this development on CleanLight.

CleanLight is a worldwide operating company specialised in innovative and sustainable UV-applications in agri- and horticulture. They focus on replacing chemistry during cultivation and processing. CleanLight’s applications are designed to kill moulds, viruses and bacteria on crops, equipment, in water or in the air. Some companies use CleanLight to make quality improvements or to reduce waste during processing as well. At the moment, they have more than 4000 users in 30 countries.

CleanLight environmental friendly
David about the effect of CleanLight on the environment: “The CleanLight technology emits a spectrum of the sun, so we apply natural sunlight. This leaves no residues whatsoever on the product and it does not consume any water. Post-harvest applications with fungicides or other chemicals are a more unhealthy choice for consumers, the residues often stay on and enter the product. Especially with fruits and vegetables. In this case, products treated with CleanLight are a healthier option.”

Customised solutions for each customer
David: “We always try to find a customised solution for each customer and try to offer the best possible solution for every logistic system. Thanks to the ongoing automation, the use of CleanLight technology becomes available for more and more companies, because if the sorting is being done manually, it is not possible to apply CleanLight.”

“To maintain a good relationship with customers, it is of great importance that we, as a Dutch company, have local representation in Latin America. This is the reason why I moved to Medellin, Colombia one and a half year ago”, told David.

Cleanlight 1

David noticed that companies in Latin America appreciate it when you visit them regularly and if they can call a local number. “Medellin is a great hub, from here there are direct flights to Ecuador, Peru, Honduras and Mexico, those are the countries where we have our customers.”

Bright future
David about the future of CleanLight: “To date, we demonstrate that all our customers can significantly reduce their product waste, which ensures a return on investment within one to three years. In addition, Latin American companies are becoming larger and more automated than a few years ago, which gives us more opportunities for our applications. I expect that we will be able to realise a lot of new UV installations here in the coming years.”

“For CleanLight and other sustainable applications, the future looks bright in Latin America. The automation and demand for products will increase further“, added David.

David SymanzigWe would like to thank David Symanzig for his contribution. Take a look at CleanLight’s YouTube channel for more videos of their applications.

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