Company on the Spot: Enza Zaden

08 July 2019

Enza zaden

Interview with Manos Domazakis, Researcher and Molecular Phytopathologist at Enza Zaden

Developing new, improved vegetable varieties for the world

Enza Zaden is a fast-growing, family owned vegetable breeding company that develops, produces and sells seeds of varieties in more than 30 crops. It is one of the top five in their sector. Currently operating more than 2.000 employees worldwide at subsidiaries on all continents of the world (45 subsidiaries in 25 countries). The headquarters and main research center are situated in the Netherlands. “Our goal is to supply farmers all over the world with high-quality vegetable seeds so that they can produce high-quality, affordable vegetables feeding the world”, says Manos Domazakis.

We asked Manos Domazakis where he sees the company in five years: “Despite the sector’s dip in the past year, our company continues to grow. We will keep innovating and collaborating with partners in all parts of the chain in order to continue to provide the world with healthy, varied vegetables.”

Why working at Enza Zaden

If you ask Manos Domazakis, there are many fun aspects in working at Enza Zaden. “Operating internationally means having a lot of colleagues in different countries. You learn about various cultures and groups of people on a daily basis. You work with professionals who are selected on the basis of their skill set and personality, that match our company culture and goals.”

Manos Domazakis continues: “Furthermore, as mentioned before, Enza Zaden is a family owned corporation. While the company has grown extensively since its founding year in 1938, the family culture has stayed the same. This is due to several factors. Firstly, the company organises various activities and events for all employees to get to know each other. Secondly, we have ample opportunities to develop ourselves by participating in master classes or in our Enza Academy. Lastly, the family that founded Enza Zaden is still heavily involved and represented in the company. For example, the CEO is a member of the family. These three points have resulted in a friendly, collaborative atmosphere in the company.”

Friday Afternoon Experiments

All departments have their own directions and goals, but at the end of the day people at Enza Zaden work together as a team to produce the best possible varieties. From the beginning, the company realised that, in order to produce a variety of high quality seeds, it takes a lot of teamwork.

Manos Domazakis: “Additionally, due to changing market demands, we engage into an immense amount of fundamental research. Therefore, the company is not only open to new ideas, but also stimulates them. Every week we have the ‘Friday Afternoon Experiments’, where you get time to do your own research on a subject you find interesting. The reasoning behind this is that Enza Zaden believes that you need time to innovate. Many of those results have been adopted in our current line of work.”

Striving for innovation

According to Manos Domazakis, this shows another important aspect of working at Enza Zaden: “People really care about what they do. They do not have a nine to five mentality. You get a sense of accomplishment, once you have finalised a project in a team, but you are already looking for new challenges. Important personality traits for people that want to work at Enza Zaden are cooperation, entrepreneurship and responsibility. But above all, we value team-oriented people that strive for innovation.”

We would like to thank Manos Domazakis for his contribution. Want to join the Enza Zaden team? Keep an eye on their vacancies.
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