Firmenich joins Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley to accelerate sustainable food innovation

04 December 2020


Global fragrance and taste company Firmenich has joined the Swiss Food and Nutrition Valley (SFNV), a Switzerland-based network of key players working to promote sustainable food and nutrition innovation.

SFNV was founded in 2020 by Nestlé, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne and the Swiss Canton of Vaud. The organization works in the areas of nutrition, life sciences, alternative proteins, packaging science, waste management and precision agriculture. Its goal is to address food and nutrition challenges in the future.

“The challenges that mankind faces in the coming decades with regard to food are significant and with its deep-rooted tradition of sustainability and world-class research, Firmenich will thus undoubtedly bring a lot of value in our collective efforts,” says Martin Vetterli, president of EPFL.  Switzerland is anchored in agricultural tradition and has an unmatched density of world-leading companies and scientific institutions, according to Firmenich.

Opportunities for innovation

Switzerland is anchored in agricultural tradition and has an unmatched density of world-leading companies and scientific institutions, as well as a large number of start-ups in areas such as food, nutrition, and life science, according to the flavor and fragrance giant.

“Many sectors are involved in food and nutrition innovation in Switzerland, bringing them together under a shared vision will create global opportunities for sustainable food innovation,” says Bérangère Magarinos-Ruchat, Firmenich’s chief sustainability officer. Magarinos-Ruchat has also been appointed to the executive committee of the new network.

Emmanuel Butstraen, Firmenich Taste & Beyond president notes that SFNV’s mission is “very much aligned” with Firmenich’s purpose to “create positive emotions and enhance well-being.”

“We’re proud to contribute to the organization’s key objectives through our understanding of the food ecosystem, innovation capabilities and expertise in protein alternatives in order to advance global nutrition and food chain security,” he adds.  The Swiss Food and Nutrition Valley stretches from Geneva to Zürich, bringing together key players, including local authorities, companies, universities and associations.

“Switzerland is home to a unique innovation ecosystem in food and nutrition and we are looking forward to further partnering with leading companies, start-ups, research institutes and public authorities to accelerate the future of foods,” affirms Magarinos-Ruchat.

Firmenich kicked off the year with accolades for its commitment to the environment. The firm was named Most Sustainable Company in the Flavor and Fragrances Industry by World Finance magazine. This October, Firmenich demonstrated its technology prowess, unveiling the first AI-generated flavor – “lightly grilled beef taste.”

The AI flavor move came shortly after the announcement of a new biotechnology pilot plant and laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland, to leverage novel digital technologies.

Published by on November 25, 2020

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