Gold Coast debuts certified organic flavors for EU market ahead of new regulations

14 January 2021

Gold Coast

US-based flavor and color manufacturer Gold Coast Ingredients has unveiled its latest certified organic flavors as organic requirements evolve in the EU.

The new EU-Regulation (EU) 848/2018, applying to organic-certified products from January 1, 2022, will change the raw materials and flavorings allowed in organic-labeled products. Gold Coast’s certified organic flavors for the EU market are available in powder and liquid formats for various F&B products. Organic flavors available include chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, lemon, orange, blueberry, black currant, coffee, mint, ginger, bergamot, tomato, jalapeno, anise and thyme, among others.

Out with the old

Speaking to FoodIngredientsFirst, Megan Byrnes, marketing manager at the company, expects requests for organic flavors to “grow partially” as the market turns to all-natural and organic ingredients. “We expect requests to increase because the new regulations have required many companies to stop using older versions of certified organic flavors that were formulated following outdated regulations,” she notes.

“Therefore, we foresee new requests as well as existing customers requesting to revise their organic flavors to remain in compliance with regulations.”  According to Byrnes, a crucial factor in why certain flavors are more successful in EU markets is mass consumer preference.

The EU-compliant organic flavors line-up includes citrus flavors, among many others.“The most popular organic flavors tend to be common flavors that the market has already proven success with,” she comments. “However, even though the flavor name is common, each flavor is made unique with its flavor profile.”

Key flavors reign

Currently, the most requested organic flavors for the EU market at Gold Coast are vanilla, strawberry and citrus flavors like lemon and orange. These flavors are commonly used in beverage, dairy, bakery and nutraceutical applications.

Each flavor is formulated by Gold Coast’s R&D team, made with organic raw materials derived from nature and sourced globally. After the customer tests the flavor in their finished product, Gold Coast’s flavors are all made-to-order and shipped from Los Angeles, California.

Due to evolving EU organic regulations, one challenge that flavor manufacturers face today is matching organic flavors previously developed following older organic guidelines. Today, flavor chemists must create certified organic products using a stricter and more limited raw materials list.

Though Gold Coast has successfully provided a range of new certified organic flavors, the new flavors may not be an exact match to flavor profiles sold in the past. As a result, each new certified organic flavor is given an alternative, unique product code upon completion.

“As a company, we must continue to adapt and create. We must adapt to current regulations while still creating products our customers want,” adds Byrnes.

Changing regulations

Given the ever-growing demand for organic food products on a global scale, legislation is continually adapting and so are ingredient manufacturers. Following the legislation, only natural x flavorings (95/5) or flavoring preparations are allowed to be incorporated in organic food.

Therefore, to keep the organic certification within end products, manufacturers can only contain organic, suitable or organic certified natural source flavorings or extracts.

In November, Bell Flavors & Fragrances EMEA launched a range of certified organic flavors and beverage compounds, enabling manufacturers to keep their organic labeling.

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