How to contribute to sustainable eating?

01 July 2018

sustainable eating

Where does all this food come from? “Is this food sustainable?” As we become a more food-savvy society, it is an important question to ask when it comes to sustainability and how we eat. Sustainability is a growing and tremendous concern in the food industry, wherein products are being produced more and more without thinking of how it is going to be sustained on the long term.

It it is clear that what we eat has a big impact on the environment, every day. Therefore, healthy and sustainable eating contributes to our own health, while also benefiting the healthy world. To learn more about how you can contribute to a healthy world with sustainable eating, read the article!

Tips for sustainable eating

When it comes to agriculture, the concept of sustainability is applied towards the food production or to animal products where farming practices are used in order to preserve natural resources and have as minimum impact as possible on the environment. Sustainable eating is about choosing foods that are healthy to our body and to our environment.

Local food

Shopping locally is a fun and healthy way to support the sustainable lifestyle By supporting your locals you know you are contributing to a healthy environment, because exploring local markets help you find food produced freshly on a local base. More importantly, you may meet the producers of the food, where you can learn from, such as: how the food was grown, when it was harvested, and even how to prepare it. Also, buying foods locally helps the environment by reducing the transportation costs. By cutting down these miles, you are reducing the environmental impact on food. Furthermore, you will be guaranteed with fresh and local produce which means that these are not only environmentally friendly but also definitely an easy way to begin to enjoy sustainable eating, which is another simple change you can make.

Eating seasonally

What does eating seasonally mean? Eating seasonally goes hand in hand with eating locally. It means that the goods produced by the local markets did not require extra resources, in order to survive in an environment that is outside of their natural climate temperature. Moreover, this is where you can realise that eating seasonally gives healthier options, since the food in the grocery shops, are not prepared naturally without extra resources or are imported from foreign countries, which is not contributing to the environment in a positive way.

Growing your own products

Another choice you can make is growing your own products when sustainable eating. Growing your own products could range from tomatoes, to courgette, and to herbs in a pot. However it is essential to make more profound of how this could be done best. When growing your own products, you will understand multitude of factors involved such as the attention needed to successfully grow food, whereby you will understand how difficult the process can be. Therefore, you will most likely appreciate the food way more, which is a great way to connect with sustainable eating.

Mindful eating 

One of the simplest changes you can make to eat more sustainably is to practice “mindful eating” Mindful eating means that you focus on what you are eating, which allows you to become aware and reflect on where the food products comes from and in what way these products are produced. Furthermore, you can talk to people who have a sustainable life style, who also pay attention on these aspects. Hereby, you may discover and share tips, learn more about resources, and find more sustainably-minded food producers and providers.


As we live in a world where we become more and more a food savvy society, it is important to become aware of sustainability within the food industry. When you would like to contribute to sustainable eating and a healthier environment, these above mentioned tips will definitely help you take the first steps and lead you to a sustainable lifestyle. It is all about making simple and small changes.

Image by Adisa/ Shutterstock