McDonald’s firmly puts the McPlant on the menu in the Netherlands

06 October 2022

McDonald’s is putting its plant-based burger, the McPlant, permanently on its menu. The burger chain announced this Monday after a successful pilot last year. Just last month, McDonald’s ended sales of the vegetarian version in America.

Created in collaboration with Beyond Meat, the McPlant is made from products such as pea protein, rice protein, potatoes, and beets. Last year, the burger was already temporarily on the menu in the Netherlands. The reintroduction aligns with McDonald’s plant-based strategy to broaden its menu offerings for guests by providing more and more plant-based options.

Since McDonald’s first launched the McPlant in 2020, the burger has been conquering more and more markets with introductions in Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Austria, the US, the UK, and Ireland. Stijn Mentrop, Marketing Director at McDonald’s Netherlands: “We find it important to move with the preferences of our guests, who expect more and more variety. For chicken, we have been offering tasty alternatives with our Veggie products for some time, and now we are doing the same for beef.”

In America, the introduction of the vegetarian burger initially went well, but sales later slumped. Last month, the burger giant decided to stop sales in the US.

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