My first month at… MCO Health

30 November 2020


The “My first month at…” column will elaborate on the experiences of professionals who recently started their new job in the Food (Sciences) industry.

Today’s article is about the experiences of Tom Janssen van Leeuwen and Dennis Rampiare who both recently started as Team Lead Production at MCO Health. MCO Health is a subsidiary of Nestlé Health Science (NHSc), which is one of the biggest corporate in the food supplements and minerals industry. MCO Health offers up to about 1400 products, that contribute to human health. All employees active at MCO health have an affinity with healthy nurture and a healthy lifestyle. As of January 1, 2021, MCO Health plans to take significant steps in upscaling their products.

If you are interested to know more about the company and Dennis’ and Tom’s experiences of working at MCO Health, then keep on reading!

  • What is the work you do here?

As Team Lead Production, we guide the team through the production. We ensure that the production processes run as planned and in the meantime, we are the point of contact for the team. We ensure that everyone feels comfortable and can function as we expect from them. In addition to these tasks, we assure a good planning, taking into account the team’s preferences as much as possible. We also provide the team with one-on-one interviews, as well as performance interviews. As Team Lead Production, we are also the contact person for the quality department. Last but not least, we are working with our team on new challenges including the digitisation and automation of the work processes.

  • Why is this the perfect fit for you?

 Tom: The team I work with, is small and compact. I see results very quickly because it is easy to keep an overview. Having a small team enables me to have personal contact with every employee of my team. At this job, I have got a lot of freedom and can organise the day myself. This job fits me well because I am good at managing a team.

Dennis: This job is the perfect match because I think it is great to work at a company where significant steps need to be taken in the field of human resource management and production. I like to be challenged in my work. I have had two projects like this one before and I liked it so much that I have now taken up this challenge again.

  • What is your first impression of MCO Health?

Tom: My first impression is very positive. It is an open organisation that stands for its people. The company does a lot to keep their employees happy. This organisation feels like a small village in a big city, it feels like a small company although it is part of a big corporate. At MCO Health everything is well arranged, such as collective agreements, rules and procedures, which gives you a lot of certainty.

Dennis: I am very positive about this company. I feel at home here and able to do the work I am good at, namely managing the staff with their challenges as well as automating and digitising work processes.

  • What are your growth ambitions if you have any?

Tom: I certainly have the ambition to grow and develop myself, but for now I am at the right place. I will continue to develop myself every day, especially with the challenges I will face in this role. I started as an operator 35 years ago and have continued to grow throughout my career, both in function and as a person.

Dennis: I definitely have the ambition to grow. For now, I am in the right position. There are still plenty of challenges for me in this job. For the future, I let myself be surprised by what opportunities come my way.

Thank you, Tom and Dennis for sharing your experiences during your first month at MCO Health. We wish you both good luck and cannot wait to see what successes lie ahead of you. Do you have a story to share with the Food (Science) community? Get in touch with us via! Read more blogs and interviews here.


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