My first month at Eurofins Food, Feed & Water Testing

03 January 2020


The ‘’My first month at’’ column will elaborate on the experience of professionals who recently started their new job in the food (sciences) industry. Joost Dechering recently started working as a Junior Quality Consultant at Eurofins Food, Feed & Water Testing Netherlands. We asked Joost some questions about his experience during his first month at Eurofins.

  • What is the work you do at Eurofins?
    As a Junior Quality Consultant, I advise companies on their quality control systems and their food safety issues. Because of the fact that I just started I follow a training process within Eurofins. During this training I have to study, do inspection work and assist other consultants in their jobs. For example, at the moment I study for the microbiological quality of our food and how it should be tested.
  • Why is this the perfect fit?
    Eurofins and the consultancy department are a good fit for me, because of the variety in the type of work that is available in my function. There is plenty of human interaction, learning opportunities, inspection work and more! My days are never the same, which is really important for me. I always have something different to do, even though my function is quite independent. Because I do a lot of inspection work which requires a lot of travelling to others places in the Netherlands. I also get the opportunity to do this inspection work at home, which leads to diversity in my work week. When I struggle with something at work, there are many consultants at Eurofins who are down to help me.
  • What is your first impression of the company?
    As this is my first job after finishing my study, I do not have a lot of experience of working within a large company. My colleagues are very helpful, welcoming and they treat me very well! The collective knowledge at Eurofins is very present and this helps me in executing my working activities at the highest possible level, which makes me help the customers at the best possible way.
  • What are your growth ambitions (if you have any at this moment)?
    Since I just started with working at such a big company, I am still figuring out what my ambitions are. As of now, I am a Junior Consultant, so the next step will be a Medior Consultant and then a Senior Consultant. For now, I feel like I am at the right position. In the end I would like to manage a group of people on their projects.

We would like to thank Joost to share his first experience during his first month at Eurofins. We hope you will keep enjoying it at Eurofins and we are looking forward to your successes!

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