My first month at… Nestlé Nunspeet

23 March 2020

Nestlé Nunspeet

The “My first month at…” column will elaborate on the experiences of professionals who recently started their new job in the food (sciences) industry.

This article is about the experiences of Nico Elbert, who recently started as Team Lead Industrial Services at Nestlé Nunspeet. If you want to know more about the company, Nico and his experiences working at Nestlé then keep on reading.

  • What is the work you do here?

Nestlé Nunspeet hired me as Team Lead Industrial Services also called Utilities. This means I am leading my own team which consist of three people. We are responsible for all the Utilities, consisting of secondary installations as steam, compressed air, cooling, heating and the buildings itself. Beside my own team we have a lot of contractors doing their jobs on site. My main responsibility is to keep our installations working and preforming economical beside providing a good environment for people and product.

  • Why is this the perfect fit for you?

Nestlé Nunspeet produces baby milk powder. Nestlé is a company that operates on a very important food market with a clear vision on the future. After working in the meat industry and in the tobacco industry I am now employed in an industry with good prospect. The company has everything in the field of technique that my heart wants.

  • What is your first impression of Nestle Nunspeet?

Nestlé is very well organised and offers high quality products. Consequently, the standards for people working at Nestlé and Utilities in general are also high. To meet the expectations, they have an education programme on a large scale. The education programme helps me to maintain my own as well as the products safety. Nestlé gives you the opportunity to develop yourself to reach the level you need. Personally, I admire the fact that they invest a lot of time in new staff.  Nestlé is big but feels small like a family company with people who are willing to help someone out.

  • What are your growth ambitions if you have any?

I am 56 years old, the role I am filling in is a function where I am challenged daily to develop and learn more about Nestlé and Utilities. QTC Recruitment contacted me with the question if I was interested in working for Nestlé. I confirmed and they arranged some meetings resulting in my employment. Now I am at the perfect place for me. Working nearby my home in a function that I like.

Thank you, Nico for sharing your experiences during your first months at Nestlé Nunspeet . We wish you good luck and cannot wait to see what successes lie ahead of you. Do you have story to share with the Food science community? Get in touch with us via! Read more blogs and interviews here.


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