Small but Powerful: Edible Insects from Jimini’s

24 October 2018


Over the past few years, people have been trying to find solutions for the damage that people are doing to the environment. One major topic on this is the meat industry, as the industry produces vast amounts of emission gasses. Jimini’s is offering one of the solutions that can make a change: edible insects. We talked to Evelien Donkers, Business Developer at Jimini’s Nederland, and discussed Jimini’s goals, products and how they relate to the environment.

What is Jimini’s?

Jimini’s is a company that uses insects in order to change the world (a little bit). ‘’By using edible insects, we want to introduce healthy and sustainable products which contain all the nutrients that a human needs.’’ In 2012, Bastien Rabastens and Clément Scellier started the company in France after they were watching a survival show on the television where the contenders had to eat insects. Bastian and Clément wanted to try that as well. They found out that buying edible insects was extremely hard. After talking to a grower, they realised that the idea of eating insects had potential and they started Jimini’s.

Why does Jimini’s offer products with edible insects?

‘’Our mission is that we want you to eat insects, and we want you to like them!’’ As most people will know, a lot of food we produce and eat, such as meat, is in a way harmful for the environment. In comparison, insects produce 99% less greenhouse gasses than cows. Furthermore, insects need less food and water to grow, the nutritional value of insects are of high quality and growing them does not take much time. ‘’The benefits of eating insects instead of cattle are clear. It is much better for the environment and they are very healthy. Insects have advantages in comparison to other foods if we talk about the levels of protein.

‘’We know that we cannot order the people to eat insects, and we never will. But we want to give people the opportunity to eat and enjoy them.’’

What type of products does Jimini’s offer?

Jimini’s started with seasoned appetizers, such as grasshoppers, mealworms and crickets, as a small delight next to a nice beer or wine during the afternoon drinks. ‘’Next to the appetizers, Jimini’s offers foods such as nutritional bars, granola, pasta and honey with edible insects processed in them.’’ As the insects contain so much proteins, eating meat has become unnecessary. Cooking the pasta with some vegetables gives you enough proteins already.

Where can we buy Jimini’s products?

Currently, Jimini’s offers their products in around 15 countries all over Europe. ‘’In all those countries combined, you can buy our products at approximately 1000 locations, such as at canteens of universities, gas stations and specialty stores.” Jimini’s is trying to expand and bring the products to more stores, however, the rearing of insects is difficult as there are strict regulations, and the products are still relatively expensive due to the low supply, which makes it that our delivery is not as stable as we want it to be. But we believe that this is temporary and that in the future, insects will become an everyday product.’’

How can we learn more about Jimini’s and the products?

‘’If you want to know more about Jimini’s or our products, you can find more information via the website. Furthermore, you can order all the products we have via our online webshop. And if anyone has a question, they can contact us via the Twitter, Facebook, email or phone (0176546135).’’

The idea of eating insects is uncommon in our western culture, but they are delicious healthy. And maybe even more important, it is better for the environment in comparison to the foods we eat nowadays, such as meat. Become part of a more sustainable future and try them.

Thank you Evelien for your time and the opportunity to taste the insects from Jimini’s. 


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