Trends and new ways of recruitment in the food industry

12 July 2018


We recently spoke with Wiebe Teeuwen, a Consultant of the food division at QTC Recruitment. We talked about his career at QTC Recruitment and his experiences and thoughts about recruitment in the food (sciences) industry.

With a background in the psychology, recruitment was a very interesting sector for Wiebe. He is able to use his knowledge to advise companies on all kind of recruitment challenges.

Working as Consultant at QTC Recruitment means that Wiebe is involved in various tasks. One day he focuses on business development, opening new accounts, and trying to engage with new contacts. While on the other day he is totally focused on sourcing, finding and selecting candidates to fill the available positions. There is no ‘typical day’ at QTC. Wiebe: “What I enjoy the most is the close relationships I have with clients and candidates, that triggers and inspires me. Especially because all clients are different and have other needs, for example, I work with global clients such as DSM, but also with smaller companies like Exter.”

Wiebe’s biggest challenge so far was his start as a Consultant. “Even though we already had clients, I wanted to create my own business within the organisation. This is really challenging, because it requires going out of your comfort zone and convincing clients of the added value you can be for them. But hard work pays off and I created my own business. My clients do trust me with finding and selecting the best people in the market, so they can keep growing their businesses. This trust makes it really rewarding.”

We asked Wiebe about the trends he faces while working in the food (sciences) industry. “There are several noticeable trends, such as more focus on quality positions since there are stricter regulations, the importance of sustainability and the need of innovations for example for feeding more people with less available land.”

“For food industry recruitment this trends mean that there is always a need for people who are on the one hand scientific, but on the other hand commercial. Because a lot of companies I work with are focusing on staying sustainable and wasting less products, while also staying profitable. For Recruiters, this is a whole new way of doing business. You need to find a person who is on the one hand a commercial driver on the short term, but at the same time, sustainable and innovative at the long term.”

“This new way of recruiting means that companies need to have a personal plan for a new employee, because these people exactly know what they want and are highly critical. QTC Recruitment is responding to this new development by defining the steps a candidate wants to take next in their career, and using a personality test to see if there is a cultural fit between the candidate and the hiring manager. By doing this, we can make a better, long-lasting match. Our clients and candidates really appreciate the fact that QTC offers this new future centric way of recruiting.”

Concluding, trends within the food (sciences) industry result in a need for new ways of recruitment. QTC Recruitment is a recruitment organisation for the food industry which is really focusing on adaption of these trends to find the best way of recruiting.

We want to thank Wiebe Teeuwen for sharing his experiences and thoughts about the trends and new way of recruiting in the food (sciences) industry.


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