World Chocolate Day 2020

07 July 2020

World chocolate day

There are a number of dates throughout the year promoting variations of local, national or international Chocolate Day – our research leads us to believe that today is the true, definitive, purist ‘Chocolate Day‘, so celebrate with some of the high cocoa, rich, dark chocolate that makes you go tingly inside.

Chocolate Day is nothing short of a special tribute to mankind’s greatest culinary invention. (Sorry Bread or even Pizza!) Chocolate can enhance and help to create the most luxurious desserts and can even be enjoyed and indulged on its own. Some of the most popular chocolate bars are plain and simple. If this is the one for you, try going for a high cocoa percentage with low added sugar.

How Is Chocolate Made?

Many people are unaware that chocolate is a fermented food. You heard that right, once the cacao pods are picked, and then cleaned of pithy white material from the fruit, they are dried and then the cacao beans are fermented. The cacao nibs are revealed once the papery shell is removed. This is where the fun and creativity come in.

Chocolatiers then grind the nibs into cocoa mass, separating them into cocoa solids and cocoa butter, they then combine them with milk and sugar. If they’re creating white chocolate then it’s just the chocolate butter with milk and sugar. It’s definitely worth celebrating this process, especially considering how much thought goes into getting it just right. Every Chocolatier has different methods and ideas that are all popular across the world.

As time has gone on, we have moved towards the indulgence of dark chocolate. It contains far less sugar and holds a higher percentage of cocoa. If you’re looking for the best dark chocolate it’s worth checking out the ones you find from the Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Ecuador. They have ideal climates for cocoa trees and they are known for producing some of the best chocolate. It certainly sounds good! When you purchase chocolate from these regions it’s always best to make sure it’s “fair trade chocolate,” this means you are helping to help make cocoa farming more sustainable. It’s certainly something to keep in mind!

How to celebrate Chocolate Day

Although some would love to celebrate this day every day, the chocolate day gives you the perfect opportunity to eat your favourites in ample portions. Do you really need any more of an excuse to over indulge? It’s definite harmless once in a while.

The chocolate flavour is most definitely a favourite right throughout the world. It flavours cakes, breakfast cereal, toppings, desserts, candies, ice creams, and much more. Considering its popularity, it certainly deserves a day of honour. We don’t need to tell you what to do to celebrate this day, do we? Eat Chocolate! Some ways you can incorporate chocolate into this chocolate day include:

Breakfast: How about your favourite chocolate cereal along with a few chocolate filled donuts and wash it down with a little hot chocolate or chocolate milkshake. Or maybe chocolate chip pancakes are more to your taste?

  • Mid-morning snack: A chocolate candy bar with your filled with your favourite goodies. There are certainly a lot of options to choose from now!
  • Lunch: If you skipped on the shake fro breakfast then a big tall glass of chocolate milk is a must at lunch! Oh, and don’t forget your dessert, how about a pie of chocolate pie or cheesecake?
  • Mid-Afternoon: Maybe try to be a little healthier with chocolate-covered strawberries or raisins? Ok, maybe not that healthy but at least t contains fruit!
  • Dinner: Adults this is your time to sip on that chocolate liqueur before you sit down for dinner. You could have a chocolate flavoured coffee with a piece of chocolate cake for afters.
  • Nighttime snack: If you’re not already chocolate out, why not opt for a few chocolate mints or biscuits with a glass of ice-cold milk?

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