Vacancy (Senior) Reliability Engineer – Eindhoven


09 NOV ’22: Eurofins Materials Sciences, Formerly the central research lab of Royal Philips and Philips Lightning, in Eindhoven specialised in material analysis and reliability research of consumer products, medical equipment, lighting products and other high-tech products. it also has specific expertise in gas analyses and the cleanliness of high-tech manufacturing facilities.


The Reliability lab facilitates and provides services that contribute to the verification of quality requirements for various products, both for the short and the long term, ideal for the pre-qualification of various materials and products in various application areas. You work together with customers to accelerate product development and avoid costly recalls. Furthermore, you will be:

  • Facilitating and driving the expansion of the service to a complete package;
  • In direct contact with the customers to understand their requests and go through the whole cycle.


You are a team player and natural leader with the ambition of growing into a leadership position. With strong organisational skills, you know how to drive and facilitate improvement. You know how to communicate on different levels of the organisation and like to build a network.

  • Determined in identifying reliability problems and focus on searching for failure modes;
  • Solid knowledge of data analysis;
  • Ability to prepare charts drawing and diagrams to set up the failure mode analysis;
  • Knowledge and/or background in physical chemistry;
  • At least 6 years of working experience in reliability engineering.


If providing more than service is your ambition and your challenge, the organisation offers you the opportunity to work for an organisation with great opportunities. They also offer:

  • A competitive salary depending on your work experience;
  • Opportunity to work in an international environment;
  • Option to work from home;
  • Contract for 12 months.


If you are interested in this job, or in similar ones, please feel free to contact me directly.

Bram van Tergouw
Associate | Food, Feed & Plant (Sciences)

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